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When did food get so complicated?

// All I wanted was dinner, and now I’ve got a headache.

Written by James Cobbett

Picked by Chine McDonald

After recently having gone on a meat-free week myself, I've started to think a lot more about meat consumption. So many of us are unaware of the damage that our carnivorous ways does the environment. James Corbett's article spells all this out with honesty and tries to grapple with what we can learn from the Genesis account of creation. I was absolutely not just drawn in because of the yummy burger photo that accompanied this post.

The human propensity to f*** things up

// What sin really is.

Written by Francis Spufford

Picked by Thomas McConaghie

One of my all-time favourite threads articles is an excerpt from a brilliant book. Francis Spufford articulates sin in a way that both theologically and contextually sound.

Confessions of a ‘leftie’ married to a ‘rightie’

// What happens when the one you love, loves David Cameron?

Written by Becky Miles

Picked by Christine Gilland

For the politically-conscious, social media can be a minefield of self-righteousness and judgement. Becky’s article is an honest and refreshingly open-minded take on the what it’s like to engage with people on the opposite side of the political spectrum.

3 people we don’t pray for

// Ahead of National Prayer Weekend, we look at the people we're least likely to pray for

Written by Emily Owen

Picked by Amaris Cole

What a challenge. We’re great at praying for our friends, family and the nice old lady who lives at the end of the road, but what about the traffic warden who’s writing us a ticket, or the car in front of us who’s driving sooooo slooooowly? Let’s pray more and add some new people to the list.