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Myth 7: Low-paying or low status work is an assault on my dignity.

// When the temp agency offered me a "high-level, interesting and socially responsible" job, it sounded great.

Written by Caroline Challis

Picked by Christine Gilland

Living like Jesus is not about status or dignity.” This post is right on the money. It’s honest and humbling read, as I realise how much I have to be grateful for, and how much our dreams of the future shouldn’t rob us of gratitude for the present.

The key to lifelong sex? Get the right advice

// A response to a recent Guardian article.

Written by Christine Woolgar

Picked by Thomas McConaghie

We asked Christine to respond to an article posted on the Guardian regarding sex advice. I was really pleased with this response... 3 strands of advice to have good sex with your spouse.

Never been kissed and never been happier

// I'm 32 and have never been kissed - and I have a message for all my single friends.

Written by Sarah Yardley

Picked by Amaris Cole

I love Sarah, so perhaps picking this isn’t totally without bias, but boy oh boy, what a post. Her honesty is refreshing and her message inspiring. While we can laugh and cringe and some of the block-head comments she’s received, but there are lessons here everyone needs to learn from in how we treat singleness as a Church.

Sex: worth the wait?

// In this sneak preview from her book Prude, Carrie Lloyd lets us in on why she's waiting for sex...

Written by Carrie Lloyd

Picked by Chine McDonald

Carrie Lloyd is the girl that isn't afraid to say what most in the 'Christian world' wouldn't dare. For so many, talking about sex at all is such taboo. But here Carrie tells it straight about psychology, sex and faith. This article's an excerpt from her new book Prude: Misconceptions of a Neo-Virgin. Looking forward to reading it!