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The serpent in the sands

// Sometimes we are just infants, railing against rules we don’t like.

Written by Jonty Langley

Picked by Christine Gilland

I love the way Jonty writes, and this particular post always speaks to me about the importance of being truthful with myself about why I believe what I do. It’s an older post, but always a challenging read.

Never been kissed and never been happier

// I'm 32 and have never been kissed - and I have a message for all my single friends.

Written by Sarah Yardley

Picked by Amaris Cole

I love Sarah, so perhaps picking this isn’t totally without bias, but boy oh boy, what a post. Her honesty is refreshing and her message inspiring. While we can laugh and cringe and some of the block-head comments she’s received, but there are lessons here everyone needs to learn from in how we treat singleness as a Church.

Go to church? Why can’t I just listen to a podcast?

// Ok, here's why - and no, I’m not anti-technology. I’m just pro-community.

Written by Andy Tilsley

Picked by Chine McDonald

I’m a little obsessed with podacsts. Conversations with friends inevitably turn to: what have you been listening to recently? Love great storytelling and being able to pick and choose what I’m interested in. Andy Tilsley’s post reminds us of the limits of podcasts. It’s a challenge to commit to church because of what it provides – real, authentic relationships – even when it’s dull and you can’t skip past this week’s sermon and onto the next.

The drain of the ‘dear Church’ open letters

// It's important to remember that you are also a part of the Church you are writing about.

Written by Tom Pettinger

Picked by Thomas McConaghie

At threads, we make an effort to accommodate a variety of opinions and allow space for those to challenge certain aspects of church life. We all really appreciate Tom's article, reminding us not to disassociate ourselves from the Church we criticise.