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3 people we don’t pray for

// Ahead of National Prayer Weekend, we look at the people we're least likely to pray for

Written by Emily Owen

Picked by Amaris Cole

What a challenge. We’re great at praying for our friends, family and the nice old lady who lives at the end of the road, but what about the traffic warden who’s writing us a ticket, or the car in front of us who’s driving sooooo slooooowly? Let’s pray more and add some new people to the list.

The art of manliness · reflections on week 2

// The '30 days to a better man' challenge continues. This week's reflections include CVs, friendship, journalling, dating, and your private parts, although not all at once.

Written by Thomas McConaghie

Picked by Chine McDonald

Who doesn't love a self-improvement list? I've been enjoying reading about our very own Thomas's quest to be a better version of himself. We could all learn a thing or two, or three.

The human propensity to f*** things up

// What sin really is.

Written by Francis Spufford

Picked by Thomas McConaghie

One of my all-time favourite threads articles is an excerpt from a brilliant book. Francis Spufford articulates sin in a way that both theologically and contextually sound.

We have to talk about our future

// Acceptance and welcome aren’t real if they depend on one fitting into a culture-shaped box.

Written by Dave Magill

Picked by Christine Gilland

I bet I’m not the only one who found this post truly refreshing. Dave writes with passion and vision for who and what the Church could be, and be warned – the vision is catching.