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Chine’ s been writing stuff since she was six when she got her first buzz of a byline in her school mag. Since then she’s written for lots of newspapers and magazines. She studied Theology at Cambridge University and is now director of communications at the Evangelical Alliance. She’s passionate about what faith says about culture, society and being a woman and her first book 'Am I Beautiful?' was published in 2013. She is double-jointed, a hoarder of books and has a weird thing for Eric Cantona.

Why I’ve stopped praying for a husband

// Okay, maybe I do still pray.

Written by Cristine Edusi

The Muamba effect

// On the fourth anniversary of #Pray4Muamba, what have we learned?

Written by Sam Lomas

What Caitlyn’s story reveals about women’s bodies

// It’s a truth universally known that women in the public eye must be prepared to have their bodies scrutinised. It’s...

Written by Chine McDonald

Ambition: no girls allowed?

// "Ambition is not a game that girls are supposed to play and more often than not we feel a pressure...

Written by Chine McDonald

No more page 3… soon?

// What a rollercoaster week it’s been for women’s bodies.

Written by Chine McDonald

The show that’s something special

// There was a sense in the audience that this was something special, which is why it closed with a standing...

Written by Chine McDonald

Why it’s OK for Christians to say ‘I don’t know’

// "Even after a lifetime ... [of devotion set on understanding God] none of them will come close to fully capturing...

Written by Chine McDonald

If you forgive

// "I'll leave the forgiveness business to the victims of major wrongdoing."

Written by Chine McDonald

Can chutney change the world?

// “Make use of what you have; care about your resources, embrace oddity."

Written by Chine McDonald

Confessions of a glory-seeker

// "It's a place many United fans of my age have never really been. The thought of not supporting the winning...

Written by Chine McDonald

30 things I hope I learn in my 30s

// I have exactly one week left of my 20s.

Written by Chine McDonald

Syria: why I forgot

// For a moment, we fixed our eyes on Syria. And then life went on.

Written by Chine McDonald

Jesus wasn’t hot

// Jesus probably wouldn't have been cast in a movie to play himself. He wouldn't ave been deemed pretty enough.

Written by Chine McDonald

Make a wish

// Our dream is that the Church will be a place where stories are told of broken things made whole.

Written by Chine McDonald

Baking over botox: Why Leah shouldn’t win The Apprentice

// From breast augmentation to nose jobs to buttock implants, millions of people are going under the knife to change the...

Written by Chine McDonald

When sin becomes too familiar

// A man appears on screen. He has just hacked another human being to death in plain sight in south-east London....

Written by Chine McDonald

Rob Bell: Heretic, prophet or poet?

// Chine Mbubaegbu interviews the controversial theologian as he tours with his new book aimed at those discovering God outside of...

Written by Chine McDonald

Maggie and me: on Thatcher, sin and grace

// As soon as I start to take it upon myself to decide who's in and who's out, I can't help...

Written by Chine McDonald

Black Mirror: On social media and being not-so-gone

// In Charlie Brooker's fable there is no happy ending.

Written by Chine McDonald

Brian McLaren: a faith that listens

// "Whatever a person's religion, everyone has a choice."

Written by Chine McDonald