12 alternative Christmassy songs

// Our genre-hopping playlist of the season has 12 tracks for your listening pleasure.

Written by Thomas McConaghie

Peace on earth – including Calais

// In the second week of our Advent series, we explore the theme of peace in a time of crisis.

Written by Sarah Yardley

#MyAdvent – Nadine

// In our second post in the #MyAdvent series, we catch up with singer/songwriter Nadine about what Christmas means to her.

Written by threads

What we loved in November: the inspo round-up

// It's Thursday; time to take a break! Have a look at what we've been watching, listening and reading in the last month...

Written by threads

Hannah Kendall, composer

// Our Working 9 to 5 series continues with a peek into a day in the life of a contemporary classical composer

Written by threads

When Doctor Who taught us to forgive

// “The only way anyone can live in peace is if they're prepared to forgive. Why don't you break the cycle?”...

Written by Joanna Wright

Over The Rhine and into the sanctuary

// Check out Danny's review of their London gig

Written by Danny Webster

What’s my dream?

// Having the liberty to dream, allowing ourselves the freedom to dare to dream and discover the things that make our...

Written by Pete Waugh

Sick on screen

// It seems that films showcasing sickness are in rude health.

Written by Rachel Helen Smith

A Vicar, a Rabbi and an Imam walk into a park

// Why working together isn’t a joke

Written by Rachel Godfrey

Rebooting Christian comedy

// Is 'Christian' the worst label you can give any form of art?

Written by Andy Kind

The Last Supper and simple songs

// Have you ever wondered about the hymn that Jesus and the disciples sang together at the Last Supper?

Written by Jimmy Cooke

Zoella: tween idol

// Is the YouTube sensation a good role model?

Written by Rachel Helen Smith

The 10 best apps for Christians

// From Bibles to reminders, we list our must-need apps for Christians in the 21st Century.

Written by Caleb Woodbridge

50 shades of abuse

// "People would like to think domestic abuse is something “over there” affecting “those people”. But it’s not."

Written by Natalie Collins

Life after The Fall

// "We don't like our serial killers to be relatable..."

Written by Sharon Arnold

Show up or shut up

// New victims are being created every day, but as the Church we will be stuck treating victims for the next...

Written by Andy Flannagan

What’s in a name?

// A lot, it seems.

Written by Gemma Brown

A new manifesto: 2015

// "Our fundamental ability to create goes beyond our calling or skill-sets, it surpasses profession, interests or hobbies, it’s our DNA....

Written by Anthony O. Thomas

Loving the least of these

// What does it mean to bless the poor this Christmas?

Written by Cat Gale