Lessons I’m learning about prayer

// It was 2.30 in the morning and there I was: needing to pray aloud with my friend in her time of need. Yet, no matter how hard I tried, the words just didn’t come out.

Written by Jade Ashley Till

The boldness of Mary

// If God asked me to give up my physical comfort, would I agree? Further lessons from the genealogy of Jesus.

Written by Ruth Clements

Ruth: lessons in disappointment

// There is, in all the stories of the women of Jesus’ genealogy, the story of the wait.

Written by Ruth Clements

Wife of Uriah, ancestor of Jesus

// A continuation of our series on the female ancestors of Jesus.

Written by Ruth Clements

Dare to date

// And what in the world is 'biblical dating'?

Written by Aukelien van Abbema

Rahab: prostitute, ancestor of Jesus

// She's not her past; she’s all about her future.

Written by Ruth Clements

Whom shall I fear?

// The verses that helped me through anxiety and depression.

Written by Gemma Pask

Proverbs 31 is for all of us

// Proverbs 31. The wife of noble character. Yes, that passage.

Written by Amy Turner

Digital millennials and the Bible

// A survey on millennial attitudes toward the Bible.

Written by David Ford

How a spinal cord tumour helped me know God’s goodness

// What I'm learning through suffering, and Mephibosheth's story.

Written by Margaret Stewart

Are we deserting the Bible?

// New research shows most people wouldn't choose to take a Bible if they were stranded on a desert island today.

Written by Matthew van Duyvenbode

Why all men must stand against sexual violence

// (while also not jumping to the conclusion that masculinity is inherently bad).

Written by Paul Childs

Jesus had a radical love for women

// Jesus’ life must convict every one of us to challenge violence against women.

Written by Miriam Brittenden

The one in front of you

// What does it really mean to love your neighbour? Another post in our series on modern slavery.

Written by Christine Gilland

The Bible is a story of risk-taking

// One of the riskiest things we can do is become a Christian.

Written by Cris Rogers

Beyoncé’s Psalms: the theology of Lemonade

// The raw, brutal honesty and Psalm-like quality of Lemonade shows us that even Queen Bey hasn’t got it all figured out.

Written by Chine McDonald

Authentic faith

// I’m looking to live out a faith that’s real.

Written by Dave Luck

Why I’m an evangelical

// Putting it bluntly, I don’t think we live up to the evangelical name as a collective and a generation.

Written by Nick Harris

Why the Bible has power if we’ll let it

// We can’t expect just to fit the Bible into our lives. Instead, I choose to fit my life, my story, into the far bigger story of the Bible.

Written by Dave Criddle

The traveller’s Bible

// The fourth post in our NIV50 series looks at how the Bible is true for every human on earth.

Written by Jo Trickey