Racism: more than just the n-word

// "While reciting a nursery rhyme doesn’t make you a racist, we all know that a word is never ‘just’ a...

Written by Tomi Ajayi

A response to ‘Pick’n’mixianity’

// "I believe the Bible contains the truth about the Word of God – Jesus Christ. It reveals truth about the...

Written by Dave Griffiths

The dangers of Pick’n’mixianity

// "Steve Chalke recently suggested that on the contrary, the Bible is not divine revelation but conversation. In his article Have...

Written by Caleb Woodbridge

Debt slaves

// Debt is normal. More than that, it’s unavoidable. And except in the worst cases, we've generally swallowed that line.

Written by Guy Brandon

Who is a leader?

// Real leaders are real followers.

Written by Anthony O. Thomas

10 surprising things about the Bible (the finale!)

// Ricky Gervais is right: it doesn't mention Twitter. But it does have something to say about it.

Written by Ben Whitnall

The wind, the weed and the wild goose

// Are we making room for the unexpected? Do we too quickly dismiss the different, the awkward, or, what seems to...

Written by Phil Hoyle

Will my taste in musicals send me to hell?

// I love musicals.

Written by Liz Clutterbuck

10 surprising things about the Bible: part 1

// Maybe these won't be surprising to you. But, then again, maybe they will. And there'll be more coming soon...

Written by Ben Whitnall

Identity crisis

// Am I being nice enough? Funny enough? Am I acting in a way that is ‘sufficiently cool’?

Written by Joanna Callender

Rahab and the righteous traitor-heroes

// Betrayal of one’s people is underrated.

Written by Jonty Langley

Lance Armstrong and the pursuit of truth

// Every society from the ancient Greeks to modern day has enjoyed a fascination with the discovery of truth.

Written by Hannah Silley

A Year of Biblical Womanhood

// In defence of Rachel Held Evans...

Written by Chine McDonald

The red letter revolution

// What if Jesus really meant what He said?

Written by Tony Campolo

So what if Jesus was married?

// This week, Harvard professor Karen King unveiled a fragment of papyrus that speaks of Jesus’ wife.

Written by Phil Green

Backstage with The Cardinals

// Stan's Cafe kick off Greenbelt festival with a whistlestop tour of the Bible

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose