Should I ask her out?

// You asked Google - we say yes.

Written by Amaris Cole

On blind dates and life wide open

// Some perspective for a Christian considering a blind date

Written by Sarah Yardley

Confession: I used to judge people who dated non-Christians

// Now I'm being forced to re-examine that.

Written by Girl About Town

Dear past me

// It's all going to be okay.

Written by Christine Gilland

Understanding singleness via Genesis

// An extract from 'Dare to Date'

Written by Aukelien van Abbema

Even Bruce Springsteen got dumped

// We feel shame when we believe that we’re the only ones who get rejected.

Written by Christine Gilland

How to deal with your relationship baggage

// Using the widely-respected “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes approach”

Written by Charis Duckworth

Yes, Church: we can be successful and single

// Let's stop talking and acting like single people are missing out.

Written by Andre Adefope

4 reasons why I won’t be seeing Fifty Shades Darker

// The film is released tomorrow - but I'll be giving it a miss. Here's why.

Written by Annie Carter

Where do you look to find love?

// Meeting more people isn’t always going to cut it.

Written by Aukelien van Abbema

Dare to date

// And what in the world is 'biblical dating'?

Written by Aukelien van Abbema

All the single menfolk

// Please tell me what you think about sex, dating, love and marriage.

Written by Vicky Walker

A letter to my former date

// I'm sorry that I ghosted you.

Written by Anonymous

The marriage rules

// What if we could see things more simply?

Written by Annie Carter

Don’t judge me, but I’m not a history maker

// I was going to do something 'big' for God. Then life happened.

Written by Anya Briggs

Where were you God, when I needed you?

// For better or worse, few things last forever. I learned that the hard way.

Written by Gemma Pask

Christian ghosting: the five stages

// A phenomenon I didn’t expect to experience in the world of Christian dating. Here I am one week into my new life as a ghostee.

Written by Charis Duckworth

Choosing to see the beauty in those around me

// I've spent the last 24 years trying to remain isolated and not get attached to people. Now I've realised how special people are.

Written by Danica Cotov

Christians, love, and sex: that straightforward subject…

// Ahead of our upcoming event Sex: is the Church a prude?, Vicky wants to hear your thoughts on the world of relationships.

Written by Vicky Walker

Never been kissed and never been happier

// I'm 32 and have never been kissed - and I have a message for all my single friends.

Written by Sarah Yardley