Girl about town: the phantom texter


Written by Girl About Town

Six things that definitely aren’t dates

// Boy About Town is back! And he wants to have a word about that drink...

Written by Boy About Town

Escaping the cringe

// How to deal with Sudden Revulsion Syndrome when you're dating.

Written by Christine Gilland

Holiday romance or long-term relationship?

// The Christian summer festivals have a habit of becoming like summer romances; dead a matter of weeks after a return...

Written by Emily Owen

How would Jesus date?

//  Don’t shoot as I say this, I’ve got my hands up: I’m into casual dating.

Written by Claire Jones

Just friends?

// The benefits of 'Defining the Relationship.'

Written by Nell Goddard

When you change your relationship status

// No post of mine had more likes... despite all my other achievements. I was now deemed successful.

Written by Girl About Town

Tales from an awkward walk home

// Navigating uncertainty in the world of dating.

Written by Tim Bechervaise

Hello, your name is not Single

// Seven pieces of advice for single people.

Written by Gemma Brown

The aftermath of an affair

// Church leaders having affairs is something that happens to other people, in other churches, in other places.

Written by Anonymous

Friends: The One with the 20th Anniversary

// “So no one told you life was gonna be this way. Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s...

Written by Cat Gale

Boy about town: how will I know?

// Speed equals distance over time

Written by Boy About Town

A sparkling relationship

// But, when it comes to marriage, there is one thing that is both more important: How you finish matters more...

Written by Andy Tilsley

So you want to get married? Take your time…

// "I refuse to believe that it is possible to truly know someone after 3 months."

Written by Tim Wyatt

When you know, you know: why I got engaged on my second date

// Cheryl Cole got married three months after meeting her now husband. It seems the most popular reaction was 'has she...

Written by Ruth Paterson

What do you do when you’re in a long-distance relationship with God?

// As the time since my last real personal encounter with Lord grows, so too does the distance between us. It's...

Written by Caroline Eaton

Why I’m happy to marry an atheist

// "I’m happy to marry an atheist. Because Jesus didn’t care so much about whether you went to the temple or...

Written by Anonymous

Doing relationships badly

// "You know what relationships aren’t supposed to be? An exercise in working out who is ‘best’ for you. "You know...

Written by Hannah Malcolm

Why I have no intention of being a ‘happy wife’

// I won’t be anchoring my hopes for a happy marriage on a few half-hearted compliments and a smooch in the...

Written by Emma Fowle

Boy about town: the Twitter-candy crush saga

// I suppose I could unfollow her, block her, exorcise her from my life.

Written by Boy About Town