What’s your God?

// Everybody worships. We can’t opt out of worship, any more than we can opt out of breathing.

Written by Barry Cooper

The current condition of Christian feminism

// The next in our series of posts from Greenbelt...

Written by Becca Dean

The lost art of seeking love

// The latest in our series from Greenbelt 2016...

Written by Steph Scott

Children of the revolution revelation

// Let's not be so arrogant as to think that we should do ministry differently to Jesus.

Written by Heather Wilson

Painting and prayer

// Spiritual lessons learned with a paintbrush and a can of Cloud Whisper

Written by Jenni Brews

Reasons to be thankful today

// Because God does not change like the shifting shadows.

Written by Emma Fowle

Risk-taking and rootedness

// An interview with Jesus Culture's Banning Liebscher

Written by threads

Rooted: The hidden places where God develops you

// Banning Liebscher on waiting, growth and building good foundations...

Written by Banning Liebscher


// As yeast saturates the dough, so does the kingdom of heaven establish itself throughout our world, influencing all of it.

Written by Stu Bothwell

Praying in pain

// How do you pray when you're struggling with depression?

Written by Mara Measor

Be a friend

// For Mental Health Awareness Week, our friends at ThinkTwice have taken over threads. In their first post, Rachael talks about the importance of friendship.

Written by Rachael Newham

Healing: body and soul

// Things my Dad's illness taught me

Written by Heather Wilson

Leicester City? Unbelievable.

// How a Premiership League win is a bit like The Crucifixion.

Written by Mike Tyler

Self-worth: from teenager to 20-something

// My journey towards learning the immense value of people

Written by Laura Campbell

Taste and see that the coffee is good

// A paraphrase of King David

Written by Tim Bechervaise

Resolved: a January meditation

// A month in, my considerations for 2016

Written by Chad Rigney

When did food get so complicated?

// All I wanted was dinner, and now I’ve got a headache.

Written by James Cobbett

Wheaton College, Islam, and the message of love

// People will watch what you do before they care much about what you say.

Written by Peter Anderson

A new year manifesto

// This life isn't all there is...

Written by Dave Luck

Beyond death

// Bowie's foray into a dark conversation

Written by Annie Carter