Living inside the circle of trust

// Our Sunday School Stories Revisited series continues with Abraham.

Written by Emma Fowle

What would Jesus drive?

// He wouldn't, he'd cycle.

Written by Thomas McConaghie

Evangelism and arrogance

// "Those who aren't believers might be blindly hurtling towards destruction, but actually, they’re pretty happy."

Written by Haydon Spenceley

Dorothea: the extraordinary woman

// As an aspiring writer, I am constantly looking to the voices of other female writers for wisdom and guidance -...

Written by Vicky Noble

Speak up… for the love of our world

// "We’re inviting everyone who is able to come to Westminster and meet their MPs in person on 17 June, to...

Written by Rebecca Baron

It’s not about the money, money, money…

// What motivates us to create what we create?

Written by Sarah Hawkins

Does Magna Carta mean nothing to you?

// Is it anything more than religious-historical kitsch?

Written by Danny Webster

Reflections on the G7 summit

// This week's news from the G7 summit is cause for optimism, but there are many questions to be answered.

Written by Tom Bray

Returning to self

// "How authentic am I being in my walk of faith if I try and help people discover their value and...

Written by Hilary Walker

C.S. Lewis: the ordinary man

// “Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.”

Written by Dee Atkins

Why should we support political campaigning?

// How engaging with your local representative is proclaiming the good news of the Gospel.

Written by Kit Powney

We need people and people need patience

// Things I learnt while pretending to be an artist {PART THREE}

Written by Amie Aitken

Mind over mullet

// The book of Judges; it it really meant to be in the Bible? Or did someone just forget?

Written by Emma Scrivener

Reinvent me

// Caitlyn Jenner and the pursuit of wholeness

Written by Annie Carter

Call me Caitlyn

// How ought we to think of and respond to Jenner’s transition? Here are four reflections.

Written by Alastair Roberts

Keeping up with Caitlyn

// We have not one, not two, but three posts on Caitlyn Jenner's recent public debut.

Written by threads

What Caitlyn’s story reveals about women’s bodies

// It’s a truth universally known that women in the public eye must be prepared to have their bodies scrutinised. It’s...

Written by Chine McDonald

Loving the thieves on the Tube

// How the words of Scripture never grow old, and how God is using them to speak life to our generation.

Written by Sarah Yardley

Sorry, I’m busy.

// Why we need to stop the glorification of busy

Written by Yasmin Levy-Miller

The most painful calling

// Faith is demanding ... even after 12 years or more, faith will not allow us to stop believing that God...

Written by Claire Jones