Am I free?

// The visceral reality of claustrophobia can be something I experience walking down the street or lying in my bed, wide...

Written by Katherine Maxwell-Rose

Holy and horny

// Sexuality is a crucial part of women's health and well being.

Written by Tonya Joy Bolton

Let’s move into a time of shut up

// Three worship clichés that make non-violence a challenge.

Written by Jonty Langley

Sampling Friends

// How on earth do we handle the intermingling between guys and girls?

Written by Danny Webster

On Jimmy Savile and being a survivor

// They get away with it for years, while you somehow have to work out how to live.

Written by Helen Austin

Head-butts, hope and healing

// Our daughter, Cara, was born on 6 May 2010 and after 16 brave days she passed away.

Written by Neil Young

Hey Christian boy, the Rumble in the Auditorium and township disco Goth

// Jonty Langley brings us his pick of the week...

Written by Jonty Langley

Is Lance Armstrong still a legend?

// A drug cheat whose team ran the most sophisticated doping programme ever.

Written by Alex Fergusson

Scoring Looper

// The Hollywood blockbuster’s percussion specialist talks guns, drainpipes and other instruments.

Written by Charis Gibson

Love: it’s an act of will

// The unspoken rule is that there are some people it's just ok to bitch about.

Written by Ruth Mawhinney

Beating body image issues


Written by Hannah Mudge

On depression and darkness

// It isn’t the job of the Church to be psychiatrists or mental health workers.

Written by Rachael Newham

Should we rejoice in the Arab Spring?

// Are our loyalties to fellow Christians more important than the overthrow of despotic leaders?

Written by Joe Ware

Romney/Obama mashup, all you can eat buffets and speedy novel writing

// Danny Webster brings us his pick of the week...

Written by Danny Webster

Dear Uncle Fred and Aunty Frieda…

// Did I misread the signs or was he playing games?

Written by threads

Embracing the Other

// Last February, my mum, brother and I decided to make a break for it and head for a cheeky week’s...

Written by Kath Dunn

A Theology of Florence & the Machine’s Ceremonials

// A suffocating sense of traditions, old religion and an exploration of the extra-material world is interwoven with the ever-present graveyards...

Written by Angeline Liles

Join the positive revolution

// It’s embarrassing to claim the title Christian, when those who proudly bear the name online seem to act anything but.

Written by Anna Drew

Mumford & Sons: Babel

// If you’re looking for radical progression from the energetic foot-stompery and opulent lyricism of their previous work, I’d advise you...

Written by Angeline Liles

Luke Sital-Singh – Fail For You


Written by Nathan Jones