• Alex Moyler
    – blame him if the site goes down | Twittera | Web4

    Trying to take selfies with an SLR is harder than you’d think. I’m Alex and I work as the designer and front-end developer for the Evangelical Alliance. Around here if you see some sort of combination of photo and graphics then it’s probably me doing it! I would class myself as somewhere between Moss and Roy. Behind the scenes Thomas tends to raid my stock photo library, Amaris often needs help to not break the site and I honestly don’t know how Chine fits everything into her day. @thealexmoyler

  • Christine Gilland
    – co-ordinator and writer | Twittera | Web4

    A small-town Australian, Christine moved to London in 2011 in search of adventure and has never left. She's married to Ben, a Londoner, and has an unnatural obsession with indie magazines, good coffee shops, and the Wimbledon car boot sale. She is one of the co-ordinators and writers for threads, after a brief stint being Delia Smith's body double.

  • Thomas McConaghie
    – the organised one | Twittera | Web4

    Thomas is a coordinator for threads. He's an elder in his local church (Village Church Belfast), working on a Masters in urban planning and geeks out on football. He's married to Laura and the father of two-year-old Ezra.

  • Tim Coysh
    – web guy | Twittera

    Hailing from the sunny countryside in The Cotswolds, Tim moved to not-so-sunny Watford in 2014. He is big fan of technology, sports (especially running) and loves anything people-related. Tim has been designing websites as a freelancer since the age of 12 and now works for the Evangelical Alliance designing and maintaining everything web along with Alex.